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Rachael Ray helps Declutter a Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer (Photos)




A segment of Rachael Ray’s popular syndicated TV show that aired Tuesday was dedicated to the thorny problem of how to successfully declutter a recreational vehicle. In this particular case Peter Walsh, the show’s organizational pro, attempted to tidy and organise the contents of a 400-square-foot Montana fifth wheel manufactured by the Goshen, Indiana-based Keystone RV Company.


Owned by Donna and Mike, the fiver is slated to become the retired couple’s mobile residence when they sell their bricks and mortar property in Hot Springs, AR. “I’m not organized….I don’t have a clue…I need help,” said Donna when discussing the parlous state of the travel trailer’s crammed closets and cupboards, including a shower that doubles as a storage closet.


According to Walsh, the very first thing that you need to do when creating order from domestic chaos is “to purge the stuff that you no longer need, use or want,” which usually amounts to around 20 percent of the items in a household or RV. The organisational improvements covered a variety of simple storage solutions from cascading and multi pant hangers to clear storage containers and a clear plastic shoe caddy — hung on the back of the restroom door — that was used to store toiletries, pharmaceuticals and other bathroom items. If Walsh had one tip for weekend warriors or full-time RVers it was that: “You need to make maximum use of the cupboards by using bins, or boxes, or totes that are the depth of the cupboard so that you don’t lose stuff in the very back.”


Donna and Mike were clearly delighted with their travel trailer makeover but, as Ray pointed out, “the trick is trying to keep it that way.”


A segment on the show also briefly highlighted the ever increasing number of mobile businesses that operate out of step-vans and RVs, from a flower shop on wheels and Julian Payne’s Airstream International-based barber shop to a travelling Bay Area beauty parlor and a popular San Francisco mobile dog boutique known as the “K-9 Unit.”


Rachael Ray is certainly no stranger to RVs, the current series features a specially wrapped RV which is used as the home base for Gretta’s $50 makeovers and in February, 2012 a luxury 2012 American Coach Revolution motorhome took a starring role on the show as part of an episode dubbed the “Million Pound Makeover.”