RV BLOG Post – The Return of TEARDROP Trailers – Take a LOOK! — LOTS of interesting PICS of Teardrop Trailers… OLD and NEW!

0teardroptrailers01.jpgimage via Nick’s Teardrop Trailer

Here’s an item from America’s past I would not have imagined would make a comeback: The teardrop trailer. First produced during the Great Depression and designed in the Streamline Moderne style, the towable campers were lightweight, economical alternatives to full-sized trailers. They typically offered sleeping/lounging space, storage, and a makeshift cooking/food prep surface. Gas prices being what they are these days, teardrop trailers are back in vogue; some models are so light they can be towed by microcars and even motorcycles.

0teardroptrailers02.jpgimages via Little Guy Trailers

Ohio-based Little Guy Trailers employs Amish craftsman to produce seven different models, ranging from diminutive 4-foot-wide models to larger 6-footers:

0teardroptrailers03.jpgimages via Little Guy Trailers

The 560 model by Wisconsin-based Camp-Inn Trailers features panoramic windows, wood paneling, a couch that transforms into child-sized bunk beds, and a roomy 6-feet-plus of legroom:

0teardroptrailers04.jpgimages via Camp-Inn Trailers

Oregon-based Cozy Cruiser’s singular model features detachable wings to increase the table/work surface area:

0teardroptrailers05.jpgimages via Cozy Cruiser

To see the widest variety of styles, head over to the enthusiast website Nick’s Teardrop Trailer, where he documents original models like this sweet wood-paneled Cabin Car, a Petersen model with a lid that flips up to create a ceiling, and the Trailerboat, which comes with a detachable roof that turns into an actual boat.

0teardroptrailers06.jpgimages via Nick’s Teardrop Trailer