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Todays Coaches VS 10 Years Ago


by Joe Bruno

What Values Lay Just Beneath the Surface


2003 Monaco -Holiday Rambler Navigator 45 with a Prevost style, Semi-Monocoque Chassis and 500 HP Cummins Diesel. NADA Value $130,000 to $156,000

Many coaches built in the golden age of the pre-disaster economy were built by companies who were interested in building a better coach than their competitors. today, as coach manufacturers are more concerned with keeping the doors open, The term value means as much to the manufacturer as it does to the buyer. While auto manufacturers have allowed retail prices to jump about 25% since 2003, Motorhome manufacturers have figured out how to cut production time and have the retail prices jump more than 50%.


“Show Me The Money (Value)”


As a buyer, if you can stomach having to buy a new mattress, as you would in your home, a few new roof AC units, update the electronics and window treatments, flooring etc. again, just as you would with buying a “new to you” home, you can get between two and three times the value that you can from a new coach even if you purchased it at dealer cost.


Be a shrewd buyer. Accept the fact, that more likely than not, your next coach is most likely not the last. Before you spend your last available dollar on a brand new coach that fits your budget, check out a 2003 or 2004 top of the line coach and imagine your self ten years younger driving a top of the line coach. You will feel a few hundred thousand dollars wealthier and you bank account will too!